Karachi - The City of Lights


Karachi, the 5th largest city in the world is home to almost 14,910,352 people.

Why travel to Karachi?
  1. Food.

    One of the biggest reason anyone would wanna come to Karachi is food. Food is something which keeps all of us going at all times. Karachi has a wide range of food eateries ranging from different kinds of food from all over the world. All the food from Pakistan can be easily found in Karachi including foods from different parts of world such as China, India, etc.

    Do Darya, Karachi
    (Do Darya, Karachi)

  2. Karachi has it all.

    We understand people from all over the world want something different in a country or a city they are visiting. Some people like the architecture in a city, some people like food in a city, some people like amusement parks, some people just like sight seeing. Karachi, with it's diversity has everything to offer for a traveller. One can sit back, relax and enjoy the sound of waves in Hawksbay, one of a kind beach located at the west of Karachi.

    Hawksbay, Karachi
    (Hawksbay, Karachi)

  3. Architecture.

    Karachi has a wide range of old and new buildings all across the city. Many of the old buildings were constructed before the India-Pakistan partition when British ruled the area, which is why there is a British feel to some areas of Karachi mainly because of the buildings they constructed and having a rich history to each of the architecture that is placed there.s

    Mohatta Palace, Karachi
    (Mohatta Palace, Karachi)