Islamabad - The 2nd most beautiful capital in the world.


Islamabad is the 5th most beautiful capital in the world. Islamabad should be on everyone's travel list.

Why travel to Islamabad?
  1. Beautiful.

    Islamabad has many beautiful spots from where one can get a piece of mind and relax. The spectacular beauty it posseses is not comparable to any other place in Pakistan, and even not the world. One of the example is Monal which is located in the heart of Islamabad. You can have dinner at a spot from where you can get a full birds-eye view of Islamabad.

    Monal, Restaurant
    (Monal, Islamabad)

    The kind of beauty Islamabad possess, no other city is the world provides that. No matter which part of Islamabad you visit, you're bound to find something which amazes you. Islamabad always has something to offer which can shock one's mind. This is the reason why Islamabad is one of those cities that everyone from around the world should visit.

    Margalla, Islamabad
    (Margalla Hills, Islamabad)